Vessel Management

A fully integrated vessel solution to facilitate all aspects of operations and management onboard

The Ephemeris Suite

Built for various collaborators and is cross-platform optimised

These products have been designed to support all sectors of the superyacht industry, from ISM compliance to administration, finance, technical management and human resources and training.







About Our Software

Vessel Management

A fully integrated platform providing vessel users with easy and efficient access to tools allowing all-encompassing control of onboard operations, resources, drills and planning, and management of ISM and operational responsibilities, statutory reporting and documentation, industry notices and updates. Facilitating seamless collaboration with Management Company by Ephemeris

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Vessel Management available across all platforms?
Yes, Vessel Management is cross-platform optimised.
Does Vessel Management allow seamless collaboration with Management Companies?
Yes, Vessel Management allows seamless collaboration with management through Management Company by Ephemeris.
Does the Vessel Management software facilitate all aspects of operations and management onboard?
Yes, it is a fully integrated vessel solution and facilitates all aspects of operation and management.

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